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Company Background
All Best Electronics has a history built on stability and soundness.
The company¡¦s history helps it stand firmly in today¡¦s competitive environment.
In the future, All Best will continue its efforts to create a brand new era of leadership.


November 1976-


All Best Corporation was founded with a capital investment of US$15,000; All Best introduced its first product, Base Pin.

March 1979-


All Best Corporation becomes All Best Electronics Co., Ltd. with a capital investment of US$30,000; produced wire harnesses for TV set applications; officially entered the electronics market.

August 1980-


Developed first D-Sub Connector Crimp Pin for computer monitors; officially entered computer connector market.

December 1984-


Increased capital to US$150,000

February 1986-


Developed the first Micro D Connector with a 1.27mm pitch; All Best secures market leader position for connectors for portable scanners, host computers, and private branch exchanges (PBX).

June 1986-


Increased capital to US$200,000.

July 1989-


Developed first SCSI Pin Type Connector; obtained patent authorization from AMP.

June 1995-


Established first international branch office in U.S.

August 1995-


Increased capital to US$1,000,000.

March 1997-


Developed first VHDCI 0.8mm Connector.

October 1997-


Expanded into new 48,000 square foot factory in Chung Ho to meet increasing international business.

February 1999-


Passed verification for UKAS ISO 9002 (UK).

August 1999-


Developed LCD Connector designed for micro coaxial cables.

December 1999-


Began distributing RtMc¡¦s Laser Wire Stripper Machines.

June 2000-


Developed first twist-and-flat cable for direct attachment to 0.8mm VHDCI connector.

November 2000-


Announced new ribbon solder process and low profile connector for 2.5Gbps. High-speed cable assembly.

July 2001-


Received five U.S. patents and one patent pending on 0.8mm VHDCI connector for high-speed applications.

August 2002-


Developed InfiniBand connector for InfiniBand, CX4, SAS and SATA market.Obtained patent authorization from Fujitsu Component Ltd. Co.

January 2003-


Purchased Agilent 40GHz 86100B Sampling Oscilloscope with 86112A TDT module and 54754A TDR module.

February 2003-


Purchased Agilent 81133A Pulse Pattern Generator for signal integrity Test.

March 2004-


Developed SFP connector and cage.

July 2004-


Developed XFP connector and cage for 5Gbps. Application

May 2005-


Passed verification for UKAS ISO 9001 (UK)

December 2005-


Purchased Agilent N5230A 20GHz Powerful Network Analyzer.

March 2006-


Announced Mini SAS (I-Best) connector and cable assembly for storage, server and networking market.